Jan 1954 Me was born

And 1964 didn’t unfold for me to remember every game and understand the significance of that great year for the FB team. So moving on to 69 I was cocked and loaded. That year I was crushed, devastated, so much so I kicked a big hole in Mr Harris closet door. Mr Harris didn’t have tickets (for me) to the game.

Year after year we have come close but Never really there. Lou’s team was good and the Okla butt kicking was good but again not there. Up’s and back down and the cusp of greatness passing us by.
It’s has just killed my spirit. I spent a lot of time on here and wondering “Why?”

Clay, the say age as me and maybe Matt or others can put a number on just how many times have we been chewed up and spit out. I’m not sure I even want to know the number. I bet the time I have spent in the last 50+ years would probably embarrass me to death.

This one hurt. I really thought we had a punchers chance. Anybody want to proof my note? Or add to it, thoughts would be appreciated.

Until somebody reads this I’m going to keep bumping it up. LOL

Similar in age, so I have been there too. Not sure I have a good response to what you have written, but one I seem to think makes it so disappointing is what I call fools gold. In the past we suffered setbacks and disappointment, but the buildup to disappointment was generally built on more solid ground, ie we really got excited about good teams.

Today it seems with all the hype and attention it seems many fans get carried away, well before we really demonstrate the attention is merited. It always kind of makes me laugh, when I read the lack of respect posts or the ones after a player has a good game or two and we anoint him as a Heisman candidate or a first round draft choice. We would have to be blind not to recognize our defensive deficiencies, as someone said “you are what you record says you are” and our defense, especially our pass defense rankings speak loudly.

This did not really help understand the disappointment of the past with many of those truly good teams, but our desire to be good again and our exuberance applied to our expectations can unfortunately be premature or overstated. I remain optimistic, which is a mandatory trait to be a Hog fan, but try to be patient in looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I know at age 70 patience, is a limited resource, but as a lifelong Hog fan, I have plenty of practice.

Very close to the same age, yesterday’s loss to me was gut wrenching to say the least and I honestly believe it was to CSP as well. This is the only job CSP said he wanted and I believe him wholeheartedly and I think we are going to see some changes in nearly all facets of the game. Some of the things he said made me think that we need to mark this date on the calendar as the day CSP decided to take a much firmer grip on the reins concerning the way we are playing on both sides of the ball. I for one will welcome any changes that can be made to get us on the right track. The “Honeymoon” is over ! WPS

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I was born 4 Januarys after you. 1964 was my first year of being a Razorback fan and following the team. After that glorious season, followed by the undefeated regular season of 1965, I thought winning natties was my birthright as an Arkansan. Then January 1, 1966 happened. Things were never quite the same. I cried like a baby on December 6, 1969. How could life be so cruel and unfair? It was only after life threw some really nasty stuff at me in my 50’s, that I finally understood just how unimportant these games really were. I still love my Hogs. Always will. I always feel great watching the Arkansas Razorbacks win a game in any sport. But losses are not really losses. They are just games played by much younger people that we didn’t win. To call them losses, would be an injustice to the people and things I’ve lost that really mattered. The sun rose again today. It will rise again tomorrow. Because The Son rose on that glorious day a couple of thousand years back. There are some really scary things going on in our world right now. Plenty of things for me to be deeply concerned about.The plight of the Arkansas Razorbacks is not one of them.

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Helpful to remember things are never as good or as bad as they seem at the moment. Much of football success is preparation and confidence. Clearly we have good players and coaches but so does the other teams on schedule we play. Talent matters but more often it is adapting to the cards you have been dealt. When I see coaches using trick plays or other actions it is indication they they are not sure they can be successful doing what they normally do (the insides kick was different because they saw how Bama reacted and used it against them–was good for one time and it worked). Coaches win based on how they can develop plan for success and then adapt as game changes. Appears we need to simplify things more and get more speed and athleticism on field. We may be doing that but we do not know until game is played and see for ourselves. Who knew who the backup QB was until fourth quarter of game five. Interesting to see who got snaps during game yesterday.

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