James Shibest - Special Teams Coordinator

For the Virginia Tech Hokies…

We could use one of those. Only our punter and Skipper are any good on special teams and they are both leaving.
You can’t win games consistently sucking on both defense and special teams.
CBB needs to seriously reevalute what he is doing in both those areas or he will never get to where he wants to go.
VT is good in both those areas. AA and his offense better show up in Charlotte.

Well then, I hope we stomp a mudhole in that ars. Shibest and the rest of the Murray State mafia who embarrassed Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl by the lack of preparation (and the vomiting on the sideline - too much drinking coach?) and by their antics the year later when Ole Piss came back to Fayetteville.

James was not one of the Murray mafia. He was a great all SWC receiver for the hogs. He did not want to go to ole miss.

Shibest was a great WR for the Hogs and a very good coach on some very good Razorback teams.

For some of you guys, that’s how you see him. Fair enough. I see him just the same as I now see Marcus Monk. I recall Shibest doing some antagonizing to Arkansas fans in 2008. I was there.

Yes he did. He burned his bridge.

I recall that as well, HDN joined in to some extent if I remember correctly.

Now, that said, I have a high school buddy who lives in Fayetteville and he is a down to earth good guy. Loves to party but doesn’t get into trouble with it. He and Shibest became good friends for the years he was on HDN’s Razorback staff. Bent an elbow frequently with him.

My friend says Shibest is a good guy.

It seems you don’t know how Shibest is? Kinda causes us to ignore the rest of your post.

I don’t have anything but good thoughts for James Shibest. I know when he left town, he called one of my best friends. He brought all of his Razorback gear to him and said, “I want this to go to someone who will continue to wear this stuff with pride. I always did.” That meant something to me.

After first season HDN was coaching Ole P–s, I went to a BB game at the old Tad Smith and sat in the nosebleed section next to a grey headed guy. We introduced ourselves and it was Shibest there with his son. Real nice guy that night and he said he had hoped they wouldn’t have to leave Ark. but it finally just had to be.

It seems you don’t know how Shibest is? Kinda causes us to ignore the rest of your post.[/quotes

I did not mention Sheibest once. We need a new approach to special teams.
But thanks for the baseless lecture.