James Shibest and Virginia Tech

According to an article at The Athletic, Shibest was the only VT assistant coach under Justin Fuente on more than a one-year deal. He’s signed up through June 2023 at $420,000 a year. It appears there is mitigation language if he gets another job though, Shibest was special teams coordinator and TE coach. All in all it will cost VT $11 million to get rid of Fuente and staff, including Shibest, before the cost of the new HC and staff is factored in. It’s possible that the new guy could retain somebody though; they aren’t fired yet.

Didn’t I read that Shibest is a nominee for the Broyles Award this year?

He won’t have trouble finding a job.

Yep, James is one of the 50-odd nominees.

James is a good man and good coach.

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