James McCann's kids at HR Derby


I loved the picture he tweeted not long ago with both boys on his lap, showing them the scouting report for the next game that he had pulled up on his laptop. He’s really a great guy and a Diamond Hog to be very proud of.

Everyone knows that by now, but he’s one of my favorites. I’ve shared a room with him at duck camp and gotten to know him. He doesn’t change. He’s the same every day. I’ve seen this kind of stardom (or money) change people. But that won’t happen to James. Pure class. He asked me one night, “Why did you invite me to duck camp?” I told him it’s because he earned it by the way he carries himself and treats others.

Class knows class.

I was there when the kids came into the world just a wee bit early, but Mom was a rockstar and James handled it well also.
Great couple, glad they made it to Vandy for that momentous occasion. Will always be a favorite of mine. Just for fun though nothing could top Ricky Rahne calling and recruiting Gunnar Kiel and promising to name his about to be born son Gunnar if Kiel would commit to Vandy. Might have worked at Penn State but not for the Commodores.

Jessica is exactly like James, and rock star would be a good way to put it, but in all the right ways. James was dating Jessica the first time he came to the duck club. The next two years, Jessica came. She hunted alongside the guys and held her own. The only issue was that James forgot to tell her to pack her warmest socks. Her feet got cold standing in the water. She could have sat in the blind, but preferred next to a tree close to James. James is always going to be outside the blind hunting on the wing of our layout. Better shooting there. The twins were still in ICU the first duck season he missed. I do think he will eventually come back and maybe Jessica, too. I hope I’m still able to go and hunt by the time the twins began to hit the duck woods. I can dream, can’t I?