James McCann on a good streak

James McCann had three hits, including a two-run homer yesterday in Detroit’s big win over Houston. James has hit .395 in July. That’s in a platoon role with Alex Avila. The platoon role might be over today. Avila was traded to the Cubs. Avila had a hot start, but has cooled of late. James has hit .429 since the all-star break. He hit nine homers in the first half. The one yesterday was his first since the break. But he’s hitting more line drives and fewer flies. That has led to a better average.

I saw the nasty L-shaped scar in the palm of his left hand when I went to KC to see him two weeks ago. It was a deep scar. That cut hand ruined the first half of his season. But he’s playing well now.

James will get to the arbitration part of his contract this winter. I know Detroit brass loves him. He’s a solid major league catcher.

I’m happy that he’s probably going to get to play about every day the rest of the season.

I didn’t know about the cut on his hand. what happened?

Clay discussed that in this post after his (Clay’s) trip to KC to see James vs. the Royals.

Two hit last night to finish off a great July. That’s .396 for the month. That was 16 games. He split time with Avila. Still, that’s some great work. I know he’s hungry to finish strong.

In the 11 games he’s played since the all-star break, James has hit .421. That has raised his average about 50 points. He’s at .246 now.

Thank you.