James McCann moves to 1B...instantly produces a "web gem"

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and he remembered to bring his bat and use it, making Mets GM look good. Love that dude and his wife and twins.

James is a ball player. I use that term with the ultimate in respect.

Yes, Jessica is a great lady, a great mom and great wife. I got to spend time with her in duck camp, believe it or not. She can shoot a shotgun, too.

Funny story, she did not have any warm socks, just thin anklets. I am not sure she knew what to expect from the waders that were in camp. We got after James for bringing her without thick wading socks. She hunted the first day without saying a word.

That night at dinner she was talking about getting her mind right for cold feet the next morning. I looked at her kinda funny. Then, asked James, “Did you bring her warm socks?” He had forgotten. She is tough and wasn’t really wanting to complain during the hunt.

We found her some clean, thick hunting socks and also some toe warmers. But I think she would have hunted the next morning without all of that. She just needed to get her mind right.


Here are some better views of McCann’s grab from the NY Mets website.

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