James McCann is on fire with the bat

He’s currently batting .365 and hitting clean-up for the Sox. He also hit his 3rd home run against the BoSox last night. If he had about 17 more at bats, he’d be leading the American League in batting.

James started out the season as the back-up catcher to Castillo. To date, they have played in 16 and 17 games respectively. I thought it was pretty telling a few games ago when they were both in the line-up and James was catching and Castillo was the DH.

Hopefully, the Sox will decide to use Castillo as trade bait at the end of the year, and give James a long-term contract.

If he keeps this up, he’s not going to be in Chicago next year. Well, he might, but it will be very expensive for the White Sox. He’s got just a one-year contract this season for $2.5 million. With how he’s hitting now and how he plays defense, the White Sox got a steal. And, it’ll be expensive next season – for anyone who wants James McCann. Makes me smile.

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Clay…How are his little ones? I remember they had it rough starting out.

James told me about six weeks ago that Christian and Kane are doing great. Jessica has her hands full - and that’s a great sign. They are growing and climbing on stuff.