James McCann and White Sox on ESPN2

James is 2 for 3 with an RBI. He’s finally catching Lucas Giolito and he’s having the best game this season. A shut out through 7 innings with 13 KOs. I’ve been scratching my head all season because Grandal has been catching Lucas and he’s been just so-so. Last season he was asking for James each game. Maybe he finally asked for McCann to catch him. James has his batting average up to .349 now.

I thought I watched a game earlier this year with James catching Giolito?

And, yes, I dug up the Aug. 9 game Giolito pitched against the Indians. McCann was the catcher. I don’t know about his other starts. It does make sense to let James catch him. They are terrific battery mates.

It was interesting to note that James didn’t catch Keuchel in his last start.

When they signed Grandel there was going to be lot of days James sat out. He is hitting his way into lineup. He is going to get another nice contract, too.

The virus blasted the White Sox plans of having the best 1-2 punch of catchers in baseball, two that have been to the All-Star game. The plan was to be prepared for 162 games or more. With Grandel playing some DH and first, most figured James would catch a bunch.

Of course, he’s like family to most here. We’d play him every day if we were the manager.

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