James Madison softball catcher dies

Lauren Bernett was named Colonial Athletic Association player of the week Monday after hitting .778 last week with 7 RBIs and a homer. Tuesday, the school announced her death.

Nobody is confirming it yet, but it appears it may be another athlete suicide. One of her teammates tweeted “You never know what someone is really going through,” and the JMU announcement included mental health links.

Bernett was the starting catcher as a freshman as JMU advanced to the Women’s College World Series semifinals last season. She was hitting .336 this season with 9 HR.

Needless to say, the scheduled doubleheader tomorrow with Longwood has been canceled. Other games may also be affected.

That’s tragic no matter the cause, but suicide is just doubly tragic. All her loved ones will spend the rest of their lives questioning whether they could have prevented it or helped in some way. Awful.

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I just had a visit with one of my own patients whose husband had committed suicide.

She blames herself. No reason for her to do so, but she does. That’s what suicide does to those they leave behind.

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I had a very good friend commit suicide New Year’s Eve. I left a message on his phone New year’s Day for him to come by my house and watch the Hogs and eat all day. I found out a few hours after I left the message…I was gutted.

No words, but lots of :pray:t2::pray:t2:. :cry:

Tragic, sadness and grief remain with a deep void.

Prayers for the young ladies family.
We need to take the time to talk and watch out for our family and friends! Sometimes we all fail to slow down and listen to people. I know I do at times.
So sad

You just never know what to say to the families, just tragic…

There’s no words or comfort that can lessen the effects of a tragic situation like this.
May God Bless this young lady’s family and all of the families and friends everywhere who deal with such.
Prayers for all.

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I was thinking about a former co-worker last night. A psychologist, liked to play head games with me and everyone else. I worked with her at EOE-Galveston. We both moved on to other jobs and left Texas. A few years later I got curious about her and did a Google search. Found an obit for her. She had died on Christmas Day at age 43 in her hometown of Boise, Idaho. The obit was not specific, but if a 43-year-old dies on a holiday and it’s not a car accident or something, it’s probably a suicide. I used to tease her that psychologists were the crazy ones; I may have been uncomfortably close to the truth.

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