James Jointer to officially visit

How do you go from a hard commit to UA, then reportedly recruiting hard for UA prospects, to then visiting KState?

Don’t high school kids have like 4 or 5 girlfriends in the same year?

That’s fine. But, why then commit in the first place?

See my previous post

Is Jointer still committed to us, or has he re-opened his recruitment?

That depends on how many portals he jumps through.

I read it. We just disagree.

That’s fine, but kids break their commitments in life everyday, so do adults. I can’t really of think of one commitment that is never broken. But 17 year olds seem to break them the most, plans, sports, girlfriends, etc.

He says he is still going to be a Razorback (and I believe he will be), but my thought is as it has always been. If you go somewhere else for a visit, then you are not truly committed.


What does that really mean. That he will play four years here? 3? 5? Show up for spring training? Enroll? Never understood it anyway. It’s all just words. Everything is conditional.

Hey, we’re all day-to-day.

My point. Yep. Never too up, never too down, just happy to be doing.

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Can’t be visiting for the sights. I’ve been to Manhattan, Ks. Nothing there to see.

I’m curious to how many people in this thread have been so coveted by college coaches that you got free trips to come be wined and dined? Follow up, how many of you would say no to a nice dinner and trip if offered by a potential rival company?

To Florida or Oregon or South Carolina, yes, Kansas, nah.

I would take all five visits every time. I love to travel and did even when i was in high school. I would not pass up free trips. In the age of a one-time transfer it would also help make connections for the future if needed. It is only smart to take the visits if you are the kid. Some of them may not have had the chance to travel any yet.

I’m curious how many people in this thread would be offended if their significant other continued to date other guys once she accepted your marriage proposal?

Nobody disagrees with kids wanting to visit other places.

Until you are sure where you want to go, don’t publicly commit.

Once you commit, if you continue to date others, you simply aren’t committed.

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Yeah, totally the same thing. Great analogy :+1: