James Jointer is another quitter

Dang, Cody is entering the portal.


I had a post deleted in this thread, as did Swine (I think), yet 2009 just gets to keep on bagging on kids.

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I hope y’all don’t quit. I agree this place can sometimes be like high school (or the Thanksgiving dinner table), with certain posters (drunk uncles?) dominating the conversation and others getting drowned out. I too have felt ignored at times, even tho I do have a couple of friends here. It’s still the best source of Hog info and community IMO, at least for someone living 1,700 miles from Fayetteville.

I don’t really have a deal over 2009 and his thoughts or opinions. Busting on players…we all do it, if they stink it up we all pretty much say so. These guys are making bank. I think some criticism and unhappiness is open.

James was excited to be a Hog I factually know that.
Wish it would have worked out. But as Sam recently pointed out in a presser, it’s roster building every year. There is no loyalty.

The players all know that, it’s what they wanted. Get paid. The problem is it’s a 2 way street, why pay a guy out of loyalty when you can pay someone better, and for the player if you are not playing go where you can.

I will be happy for James.

Been in that position many times. (20+ years here) And some guy is sending PM’s (to other people) to not post to my responses.

A kid leaves the program with two games left, doesn’t tell his head coach or his position coach beforehand, and they find out on twitter. How is that not quitting?

By the way, use the ignore function if you can’t handle the scalding hot takes I supposedly bring.

Should take his participation trophy away…

Hey–Bingo—I’ll just post and end threads, LOL

I’ll just talk to myself…

Yes, Drill Sargent!!!

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