James Jointer is another quitter

The young man wasn’t playing! He was down the depth cart! He wants to play! I’m proud he went to hill and also will be happy to see him find a place to play and get out on the field.

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I don’t disagree with any of this

Kid didn’t even talk to Coach Pittman before announcing. But yeah, y’all keep caping up for him.

Who knows. He might have a big smile on his face. :grin:


Lean Mean Fighting Machine

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I think it’s simple…… he knows he’s leaving so wants to be home for momma’s Thanksgiving dinner.

Good Turkey , dressing , and gravy is a very strong motivator.


It’s a completely unnecessary jab.

We have no idea if he was told his chances to play moving forward are very slim. We have no idea about the kid’s family situation and whether there may be a reason he thinks he needs to transfer.

College athletes have very small windows of opportunity and they have to take advantage of them when they can.

The programs move on from them all the time and we don’t hear many fans griping about that.

It’s just a low rent comment.


Call it what ya want but wish him well, he had nothing negative to say about his time here. He gave it his best shot, can’t blame him to look for greener pastures. Good luck James Jointer


How you know?

Pittman’s own words in his presser today

They knew he was leaving. Gonna be a lot of them. Some we figure correctly, others will surprise and even disappoint us.

He probably wasn’t on the traveling squad. I don’t know that, but I bet he wasn’t


A sign of the times, grown men coaching does this all the time and never looks back. I’m old school and was taught to finish what you start, do I have ill feelings against JJ absolutely not as I don’t know the whole story and have not walked in his shoes. WPS

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Hopefully we support all Hogs starters, or otherwise, so don’t take this comment as negative on any of the kids, but if a kid sees better opportunities elsewhere, I wish them good luck. Some of these who transfer see that their opportunities to play are either limited or at least their patience is. Either way, with the new recruiting format allowing more than 25 annually if the total on campus is less than 85, then we have the opportunity for addition through subtraction. Good luck and thanks for being a Razorback, James.


None of us want to see kids leave, and though his departing message seemed pretty sincere I don’t like the fact that he didn’t talk to his head coach. This situation is another example of all of the wonderful byproducts the portal has created

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It is difficult to be a player in an environment totally in flux. Coaches are receiving amounts of money never dreamed of when JFB came to the Hill. We only last spring witnessed our basketball coach send everyone packing less two players. We heard CSP state and restate the world has changed and between Friday night and December 5, he and his coaches must be prepared to “recruit” the Portal and infer protect their choices. Because of the 85-player rule room for a dozen or Portal recruits must have room. Therefore anyone in a position stack could be given walking papers. The world has changed and James Jointer is only trying to find a place to land.

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Should have quit after the player’s bowl gifts… :wink:

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Nice that the OP is still hanging around but posters pointing out a post bagging on a student-athlete get deleted.

Called him a douche once, and am again. I am about ready to be a few dollars richer every month, getting my news for free and the scoop in a cut/paste from somebody not quite ready to cut the Whole Hog Sports cord. Seems simple, really - remove posting privileges for this gomer and keep subscribers, or keep the gomer and lose multiple subscribers. How much does Hog2009 cost the board, that’s the question?


I am close to leaving too. Been here for a decade and still feel like an outsider. I posted a question yesterday and no one has replied yet. I feel less football strategy and knowledge is being brought to the table. Just more hot takes. The thing that stinks is I don’t know of a better place to get quality info. I want to know about player development and why we are struggling in some areas and how we are going to get better. I find it very interesting to know why plays fail. Youdaman brings good sharing and Clay when he feels like posting now that he’s retired. (Good for Clay!)