James Jointer is another quitter

Not surprised, we are loaded at rb. I don’t see him as a quitter, see him trying to btr himself and get playing time. Best of luck JJ.


That’s sort of mean. Sometimes you are told your options elsewhere will be better. If he was on the two deep, I’d be more likely to agree.


I’m not surprised. At best, he’s 4th team right now. The portal is going to make it very difficult to build depth beyond a two-deep, especially at skill positions. It’s just the nature of the process now. I would have liked to see him finish the regular season, just because I’m old-school on stuff like that.


If he waited until the season was over to announce, I’d agree. He quit with two games left. Treylon Burks and Shawn Andrews quit with one game left. Sometimes the truth hurts.

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I wonder what my boss would think if I walked out today today to look for a better job, instead of waiting until my work day was over. Maybe they won’t think I quit too.

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Lighten up, Francis


That isn’t “old school.” That is called finishing a job.

Got no problem with him moving on.

By the way. I feel the same way about coaches that leave before the end of their season or bowl game to take another job. They quit on their team.

He’s buried behind three underclassmen on the depth chart, with a fourth trying to come back from injury next year. Probably going to bring in at least one more RB he’d have to fight off to keep his place in line, maybe two. It’s very likely a good decision on his part.

As to quitting, he probably was not going to be on the travel roster for the Missouri game. He very likely needed to get in the portal now rather than after the bowl game to give himself more and better options. Apart from not being there for a couple of walk throughs this week and being a tackling dummy for bowl prep I don’t really think he cheated his boss (Sam Pittman) or his teammates out of much at all.


It’s the nature of the game now. I’ve heard Sam talk about it a couple of times. In years past, coaches would all hit the road recruiting after our game with Mizzou Friday. Now, per Sam, next week will be spent (1) figuring out which players we’ll have hit the portal and (2) which players from other schools have hit the portal that we want to target.

The running back (Augustave) coming from Florida in the next class would likely push him down another notch.

If a person tells their boss they are quitting most companies won’t wait until the end of the day. They will escort you out when you tell them you are quitting


Thompson was a quitter, JJ is trying to btr himself now, he did give a caring statement to. Would you be calling out a 4 deep OL the same way?


I don’t care if they’re a 4 deep OL or a first round draft pick of the Titans. If they leave the team with games still on the schedule, they’ve quit. I’m not saying it was the wrong decision for the player. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have skipped the Outback Bowl if I were Treylon. But he quit on his team. There’s no way around it.

James is a good guy. We both had ACL’s at the same time. Spent some time with him over the years. Solid guy. Wish him the best.


I think you see it today because he was told he is not on the travel squad to como for Friday and was encouraged to begin looking elsewhere for playing time.

He didn’t quit, just looking elsewhere since his season is finished.

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I’m not sure about the “encouraged” part. Seems like Jointer didn’t speak with the coaches before announcing on Twitter.

Oh I think the writing has been on the wall. This is a business. To bring in guys from the portal, some have to go. Some get the hint, others have to have it explained.

Been pretty clear when not on travel squad, etc. they have known he was gonna leave.

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Best of luck to JJ. He seems like a great guy. He’s had some bad injury luck, if I’m not mistaken, dating back to high school.

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The portal doesn’t even open until Dec 5. I guess his teammates that are getting playing time don’t need to face a scout team in practice?

Spin it however you want, the kid quit.