James Crockett

Former Hog and Boll Weevil Basketball player James Crockett was mentioned in a thread a few days ago.

He is standing behind Eddie Sutton in the picture with today’s Hoops column. Others in the photo are US Reed and Michael Young. I don’t recognize the rest.

Always loved JC…he just never quite got there with his game. Is #34 the kid from Texas - Fretz? or something like that.

34 is Mike Young.

In the foreground to the left of US Reed is Steve Bates to the right is Michael Watley.

James Crockett…I had forgotten about him. Arkansas and Sutton were playing a big game in Barton Coliseum. James goes up for a dunk, slams the ball down, ball hits the rim and the ball went about 10 feet in the air. Crockett watches as the ball comes down, hits Crockett on the toe and rolls out of bounds.

Eddie just throws up his hands in frustration, turns around and walks back to the bench and sits down.

Rocket Crocket – Yes I remember his dunk attempt in Barton Coliseum. Are you sure it only went ten feet above the rim?

I remember Sutton on his show talking about how the crowd always yelled for Crockett to get into game (Rocket Crockett!), and shaking his head and wondering why they wanted that because her never did anything when he did get in the game.

I thought at the time that was pretty mean and brutal to the player. He did get jerked out of the games very quickly. But I thought he added some excitement and energy and maybe should have been given a little latitude to play through some mistakes.

I think it was an off the court mistake on I -40 that he was not allowed to play through. He showed some flashes of being a player but I don’t think the dedication, discipline and defense were there.

What happened on I-40? That was pre-internet days and I don’t know what happened.

I think he ended up at Arkansas A&M, and he didn’t set the AIC on fire either.

He was pulled over and weed was found in the car. It was in the papers at the time.

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