Jalen Williams (not Jaylin) out of Santa Clara

Name is similar to Jaylin Williams out of Arkansas. I got excited when the ESPN draft had Jalen Williams going 16th in the draft. Then realised it wasn’t our Jaylin Williams. Names are too similar.

What about Aubrun’s Jalen Williams? Where is he projected? I never thought our J-Will, would not be the first one with that name chosen in the draft. Another reason he should have stayed.

If OKC tries to pick up a third Jalen/Jaylin Williams, they will have to hire someone to be Assistant Coach in charge of Nicknames just to keep things straight. :smiley:

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Following the draft, OKC’s Sam Presti and president of basketball operations Will Dawkins talked/joked briefly about this. From NBA.com:

When it comes to differentiating between Santa Clara’s Williams and Arkansas’ Williams, Presti told the media on draft night, “that’s something for tomorrow.”

President of basketball operations Will Dawkins added, “Someone is going to get a nickname really quickly. That’s my guess.”

My guess is Jaylin will be called “Arkansas” for a good while. And I’m sure he won’t mind.

Wow! I can’t believe both J-Wills went to the same team!

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