Jalen Tate interview in Indianapolis

I don’t think this has been posted on here, but apologize if it has been.

I don’t know how I’ve missed this all season, but Jalen is a fantastic interview. If, or when, his basketball playing is over, he could have a career in TV sports announcing/reporting/analysis.

This is a little lengthy (14 min.), but really good interview:


It looks like that link doesn’t work. Here’s a link to the Razorback website: just cursor down until you see Jalen’s video.

Yes, very impressive.

Very articulate young man. Love how most student athletes look so comfortable in the press conference and interviews. If someone has good presentation and public speaking skills, they can go long ways in whatever they do.

I heard Tate being interviewed earlier this year and was very impressed.

They are tutored and proctored on giving interviews and dealing with the public/press

Some are still better than others

Yes, they started tutoring student athletes. Was it early 80s? Can’t remember exactly when.

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