Jalen Tate announcing at

I think Arkansas has a shot here.


I think you’re right, RD! Would be a big time pickup.

Does Muss and his basketball staff following him on twitter mean anything, or?..

They follow a lot of kids.

Jimmy Whitt redux?

Great defender, scored 14/game but only made 8 3 pointers on the season. Must have strong mid range game?

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Yep. Also bigggg time defender. Whitt like but 6’6

So, is that 2:30 here? NKU is in eastern time zone? Not sure where he lives.

He missed 8-10 games this year. His 3-point shot is a head scratcher. The previous season he shot 40+ % on his 3s. This past season he shot 18%. Don’t know what kind of injury he had or if it affected his shot. In his last dozen games this past season, he shot 29% from 3 point range. Those numbers seem to point to him being at least a pretty good 3 point shooter.

He broke his hand, that might’ve affected his shot.

can be a modified Jimmy Whitt, lots of NKU admirers in the Bluegrass state. You don’t want them on your schedule ditto Austin Peay, Murray and Belmont. STRONG mid majors. Jalen would fit quick and easy.

Cinncy will be tough to beat out, he has friends and exteammates on the Bearcats.

Thanks. Just looking at his stats, and his late season improvement in 3 point shooting, that certainly seems to be the case.

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