Jalen St. John

will not visit anyone this weekend. He will visit FSU on the 31st like planned.

He told me last week he would decide from Auburn, Michigan or Tennessee for a Jan. 24 visit.

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Hopefully, this young man realizes that CSP can develop him into an NFL 1st round pick in a few years and decides to call the Hogs!


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What’s disappointing about JSJ not taking a visit anywhere this weekend? I think that could be good for us considering he visited us last weekend.

I see that as good for us and doesn’t allow another program to get in his ear before he makes his last trip. Here’s to hoping he cancels that one too!

I see your point. But would liked to have him take one last look. Just to make sure.

Jalen was here at Arkansas on his official visit last weekend. Got a great look at everything.

Did you think he might take back-to-back weekend visits here?

I think that would be a first in my 35 years covering recruiting.


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