Jalen St. John story from the St. Louis Post Dispatch


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Odd/Funny note…when you scroll down, below the article, to look at the list of the area’s top recruits and who they are signing with, St. John is the only one unsigned, so they list the schools “in contention”. Notably absent from that list is Arkansas…lol…

And for the Captain Obvious clones out there - yes, I DID notice that the article mentioned his interest in us.

What struck me about that list was the total absence (in the top 10) of Missouri on that list. A$M got at least 2, Illinois got at least 2. I realize some of those kids live in Illinois, so it isn’t quite the same as Arkansas getting shut out of the top 10 kids in the state, but still.

Agree.- I noticed that as well. Seems like everybody comes into St. Louis and raids Mizzou and Illinois for the top players.

I just hope the young man calls the hogs!


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