Jalen Ricks adds Arkansas offer, tempted to commit


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Following the Justice Hill experience, I think it is going to be difficult to get early commitments from the Arkansas kids, at least the Central Arkansas kids. Not impossible but difficult.

Time will tell, but I don’t think it will make any difference.


Muss never offered Justice a scholarship. he didn’t lie or mislead, in fact it sounds like he was brutally honest with Justice. I don’t see any of this as bad, so not sure how it would adversely affect future recruiting.


Not sure why it is so hard to understand this. It is not about honesty and which coach did what. What Fritz Hill is saying is that it was a mistake on their part to commit early and turn off all recruiting. This resulted in Justice not building any relationships with other coaches and now that he doesn’t have a place at the school he committed to, he does not have any relationships to fall back on. As you can see transfers visit the schools that they were finalists to before they picked a school.

And my feeling is recruits may pay attention to what Fritz is saying. He does have a good reputation in Central Arkansas athletics. Maybe recruits will think Fritz doesn’t know what he talking about. I worry they may take Fritz seriously. You don’t.

I agree with first part of what Navy said. Time will tell.

PJ, I seriously doubt Fitz has as much influence as you and some others hope he does. These kids make up their own minds for the most part. They sure don’t want adults telling them what to do or how to think. Experience talking here from working with kids and youth.

Hill completely stood up chad Morris in a meeting they were supposed to have. I wish the kid nothing but success but his hype is a hell of a lot greater than his ability.

Can anyone tell me why Fitz Hill is considered Father Flanagan around these parts?

Possible. But I don’t know why you would completely throw out what he said. It makes sense to me. Why commit way early without taking any visits? I mean commit as a sophomore or before you start you junior year, which is where Jalen Ricks.

This is not an attack on Muss. It is not Muss vs previous coach. Don’t let that dictate how you view this. Muss did what he thought he needed to put a winning team on the floor. His job is on the line. He is not going to make any decision based on anything else. But that doesn’t make Fritz Hill, all of a sudden irrelevant.

BTW, me worrying about this doesn’t mean I am hoping it turns out that way. That would be anti-Razorback. I don’t know why you would think that.

I really respect Fitz Hill and his opinion, and I agree that other folks do as well. Couldnt ask for a better person.

But shouldn’t all recruits check out their options? I’d prefer the AR kids to check us out and other schools and make a decision that’s best for them. that’s how it’s supposed to work. Justice didn’t do that due to the strong connection with CMA and the Hill family. in hindsight they should have looked at more schools.

Back to my original point, I don’t see Justice Hill’s experience affecting any kid’s decisions, central AR or elsewhere. They all need to look around, take their time, make an informed decision.


Just to be clear, I am not saying that what Fritz Hill said will affect whether a recruit picks Arkansas. That is a separate topic started by Dilibe. I am simply looking at whether a recruit commits way early without taking any other visits. That’s all.

PJ you’re my boy and all, but for the love of God it’s Fitz not Fritz. :}

Thanks for the correction. You will notice I had him as Fitz in my posts for a while. Then on the radio I kept hearing Fritz. So, I changed it,

I have no idea where “Fritz” came from. The man’s name is Fitzgerald Hill, probably named for the president who was killed four months before Fitz was born, John Fitzgerald Kennedy; Fitz is actually his middle name as well. I’ve known Fitz practically since he was in diapers; his brother Shawn was in my second-grade class at Arkadelphia’s Primary School, and his mom was a school secretary.

I don’t think it will be an issue at all