Jalen Hurts Transfer Portal

Jalen Hurts’ name was just put into the transfer portal…

  1. Would we pursue him?

  2. Do we even have a shot?

We would have no shot at all.

I agree, but I’d give it one helluva try!

Don’t feed into the thought. That’s not happening.


Hot rumor here on Dallas radio is that Kyler may return to play another year as QB at OU. Wouldn’t that be something. Assume Jalen would look elsewhere were that to occur.

I grew up a huge MLB fan. After the strike year I lost interest. Recognize I’m old and probably grumpy (my wife just said very grumpy) but when money gets involved it changes everything. Loyalty too your team in MLB has long since been destroyed. By the owners, GM’s and players. That is where we are at in Power 5 football.

It’s just the natural progression of todays world.

But like many things in today’s world - that does not mean I have to like it.

And I’m not one bit surprised at Hurts looking to transfer. Nor do I blame him. If that makes sense.

I can’t imagine him transferring anywhere within the division. It’s off the radar, but I wonder if he might end up at Houston? He’s from the area and he could help his draft stock working with Dana Holgorsen.

This may be a stupid question, but is the transfer portal available for fans to see? Didn’t know if there was a link, etc.

  1. Of course

  2. Don’t see one

No, it requires a login. The leaks are coming from coaching staffs who are sharing that information with media.

Thanks, Matt. Didn’t think it would be.

This was kicked around a lot by sports media before the NC game. Jalen surely has discussed options albeit covertly the last few weeks since he only has about a week to get it done & enrolled in school for spring practice.
I see a direct transfer coming without taking more than 1 visit.

Not sure how Nebraska is set at Qb, but Frost likes guys like Jalen. Good conference and good coach. WPS

Yep, but no chance of getting someone like Hurts.

Jimmie Hyams reported today that Hurts has named four teams: Auburn, Tennessee, Arkansas…and I can’t remember the other one because when I heard Arkansas I quit listening.

  1. Yes!
  2. No…

That’s too good to be true. I notice all are teams that play Alabama every year. Wonder if he just threw out some names? I just don’t see him picking us. Someone with one year left likely wants to play for a contender.

Auburn then & a chance to win SECW against Nick.

I seem to remember Jimmy Hyams getting a number of stories wrong, especially during the Tennessee coach search in 2017. I haven’t seen anywhere that Hurts has announced any teams he is considering; just a lot of speculation.