Jalen Harris

One thing that seems clear is that Muss is going to put an increased emphasis on shooting the 3.

I think Jalen brings a lot to the table, but it’s hard to imagine many minutes for a PG who shoots 12% from 3.

This offseason is going to be critical for him to put in the work to become a passable 3 point shooter. Doesn’t have to be great, but can’t be a huge offensive liability who the other team can leave wide open.

Desi seems likely to take most of his minutes unless Jalen’s shooting really improves.

I won’t hold my breathe on Jalen making a big improvement shooting the 3! Desi should have gotten more minutes last year.
The same for Gabe Chaney should have played a lot more than he did.
Adrio may not improve from 3 but he can make the 2.

In the 3 years Corey Beck suited up for the Hogs, he was 34-62 from 3-point land. Not a bad percentage, but that breaks down to 23 attempts per season on average. In other words, he ran the offense, but knew that working the offense was more important than taking low-percentage shots at will. IMHO, that’s exactly what we need a point guard to do first and foremost.

3-pointers aren’t Jalen Harris’ strong suit. He should focus on what he’s good at.

That depends on whether Desi improves his handle enough. Last season he improved throughout the year but still wasn’t all there to be a starting PG. I don’t think he could have handled an all court press and didn’t show the vision of the court and things that just come naturally to Jalen. I don’t think who shoots the 3 better will determine who runs the point.

Desi is not a PG and had serious turnover issues (almost a turnover for every assist). While Harris’ outside shot is a liability, I’d prefer being able to get off a shot over losing the ball to the other team. As the primary ballhandler, Harris played 464 more minutes than Sills and only had 13 more turnovers.

A point guard’s primary job is to distribute (and protect) the ball. Scoring is a plus. I’d rather have a PG who attacks the rack and makes the defense move. If he can make the occasional 3, great. Sills’ 1 to 1 assist to turnover ratio isn’t going to get it done. I’d be more confident that Harris improves his shot (he shot a lot better than that at UNM as a freshman) than Desi learns to value the orange adequately.

Exactly! To be honest, I think Harris needs to improve his strength more than anything. He missed a lot of buckets at the rim. Of course, I would like his outside shot (not necessarily beyond 3 pt line) to improve but if he could just develop a mid range pull up or a runner that would be great. He can get by his man easily.

It’s funny that you say that… I went to college and played pickup ball with a guy that played with Corey Beck in Memphis… in 92, he kept telling me…“watch out for my Boy Corey Beck on the Hill…He got that dog in him and he can really shoot it!” then for the next 3 years, he hardly ever shot the 3, but he was accurate the few times he did. After that, I had even more respect for Beck. A guy that was pretty good at something, but he sacrificed something he did well in order to play a role on a great team. And you know Nolan wasn’t telling him not to shoot it… he just took it upon himself to take on that role. It’s SOOOO hard to get Young people now to accept a role when they THINK they’re good at something else.

That is exactly what I was getting at. A point guard in basketball is similar to a QB in football in that you don’t necessarily need them to post all-world numbers to win. All you need them to do first and foremost is to conduct the offense in a way that it puts you in a good position to win the game without committing silly errors which cost you the game.

Most of Beck’s 3-point attempts came in his senior season. He led that offense like he was born to do it and he was a team player before anything else. Much love and respect for a player who will do that.

I believe Justice or a new PG recruit will end up being the starter by the 10th game of the season, if not immediately. Desi proved to be a very good 2G by the end of the season and should stay there and continue to improve. I believe CEM has a much higher goal for this team, this year, than even most of us fans. IMO, he will see early on that he cannot attain those goals with a PG who cannot make an open 3.

I think many posters miss how much you lose by playing a PG who cannot shoot. It’s not just those missed open 3s that hurt you, but it also affects his passing. With his defender sagging 6 feet off, begging him to shoot, it makes it much harder for him to penetrate and kick to an open man. That’s why his assist to turnover ratio was cut in half during the SEC season where he saw better coaching and better defenders.

If you laid off Beck, he would drop 3 on you. There were so many offensive weapons on that team but you couldn’t just sit back on CB either. He was a scorer in HS but that just wasn’t his primary role w/ the Hogs.

Absolutely you need a PG who can score and shoot 3s. No doubt about it.

However, the point I was making is that you still need the PG to handle the ball, bring it up against pressure and make sound decisions. If he cannot do that effectively, him being able to shoot is not going to help rest of the team and it throws the whole offense into chaos.

I am sure Mike would have preferred the PG to be able to shoot. But there was no one other than Harris on the team who could perform PG duties as well. That is the only reason he got so many minutes. I am sure Harris’s shooting was a huge disappointment to Mike

I would like to believe he had a season long slump and willl come out of it. If they knew he was a 12% three point shooter, they would not have signed him.

I don’t disagree with this. However, it further handicaps the team when you have zero players who can score off the dribble and PFs who can’t score outside of the lane. Harris’ shooting percentage was horrible but it’s magnified when surrounded by other horrible shooters and/or players who can’t create their own shot.
It was just a “perfect storm” of bad shooters and scorers. That has to be addressed more than anything in my opinion. I think the NIT gave us a glimpse of being able to win and/or compete without a true big. Not saying having one doesn’t make things easier.

Jalen will be told his weaknesses in depth and how to work on them if he wants minutes. Defense, offense and assists to turnover will play a part in determining his minutes as to who would take his minutes. Our point guard may no be on campus yet

i have not given up on Jalen being an effective 3 pt shooter he is a pretty good FT shooter and the 3 pt shot is not that much further,he just needs to make that a major priority b/c if he adds that to his game Look out! b/c he is extremely quick and explosive and could be dangerous…Look how much Desi improved this yr was amazing! it was b/c he worked very hard at…Look how much Qualls improved night and day from one yr to the next…Harris shot to me looks flat and most always came up short just needs to get a better arc and I think he will be fine.

Listen…if this offense is going to be reliant on a lot of 3 point shooting then that might also be a concern for Gabe O. because he is even worse than Jalen Harris! You can’t have those 2 in the game at same time because the defense didn’t respect their shooting and would sag on Gafford or double Joe or Jones. This offense is going to need more consistent scorers and ones from deep. Bailey isn’t one either and was off and on when shooting the short jumper too. We for sure need more scoring threats for this offense!

I’m convinced Harris’ issues are between the ears. His shot doesn’t look bad at all from the line or behind the three. His floaters and mid-range show he has touch. I believe once he sees a few go in he’s gonna be fine.

Actually Gabe’s 3 point shooting was almost twice as good as Jalen’s. 20% to 11.5 %

If Coach Muss has watched as much film as advertised already, his 1st order of business will be to discuss what each player needs to work on in the off season.
He has met with the team and plans a one on one with each as well. I’m sure Jalens outside shooting from beyond the arc will be addressed bc that’s his only drawback as of now. I’m also sure there will be a few minor details the new coach has picked up on also to work on. Same with the rest of the boys.

BTW, it appears Muss had his own Gabe at Nevada. Narise Zouzoua shot 3 for 29 from the 3.