Jalen Harris

Looks like our new coach will go from coaching one transfer guard named Jalen Harris to coaching another. Destiny?

I hope he can teach how to shoot the rock.

Shooting effectively is not a form thing like golf… Accuracy is improved by putting up hundreds upon hundreds of shots in the practice facility.

I hope he teaches Harris that 3-point shots aren’t his cup of tea.

I hope his assists go up and pts come down

Was there no coach to teach him that this year? Perhaps that is one reason we’re getting a new coach.
Harris’ collapse as a point guard I think is the key thing that caused this team to decline after a promising start to the season.
As much as I liked CMA as a person, he never really got the point guard thing right?

Welp, it really wasn’t my intent to turn this into a negative Harris post or the typical “place fault on Anderson” post. I just thought it was an interesting nugget that Musselman would be coaching another transfer guard with the same name.

8-69 from 3-pt land for the season, which translates to a .116 percentage, per the UA’s own posted season statistics. That is poor shooting no matter how one looks at it.

Someone should’ve stepped in and stepped on his toes early on, but no one did and it cost us in a lot of games, especially when one considers that it turned an awful lot of possessions into 1-shot wasted trips as the other team usually was there to pick up the rebound. The offense our team ran this past season was hideous.

It wasn’t intended to turn into a Jalen-bashing barrage, either. It was the most aggravating experience listening to our team take itself out of game after game by being largely impatient on offense, and looking at the post-game stats, it was increasingly obvious that the only people who should be launching 3’s were Isaiah Joe and Mason Jones. The rest of the team was suspect at best. Turn half of our missed 3’s into made 2-point baskets after working the ball inside and Anderson is likely still our coach, and the team was waiting on its seeding on selection sunday. That falls on the coach more than anyone else.