Jalen Harris!

I’ve been one of the most critical posters about Harris’ play since the SEC schedule started. But boy, he played a near perfect game today. His play today, was exactly what this team needs from him. Low volume, but high quality shots, 9 huge assists, only 1 TO, and no 3 point shots. He also appeared to get us in our half court offense earlier in the shot clock than he’s been. We had very few, late in the shot clock prayers, when he was on the floor.

He was a masterful offense leader in this game. Exactly what this young team has needed. If he keeps this up, we could be a difficult out in the SEC tourney.

Way to go Jalen!

Glad to see him break out of his funk.

Asked Jalen yesterday if he thought he had his best floor game in a while and he said “most definitely.” Felt like he’d been letting the team down the last couple of weeks, but to have a game like he did against Ole Miss with his dad in the arena was sweet for him.

Get his Dad to Vandy and back to the Bud.

In all seriousness, all of the brick layers played better. Jalen, Gabe, and Adrio all played much better. There were only a few bad looks that they shot instead of passing.

Good job by Mike Anderson on coaching them to a win.

Even though I still want a new coach, Anderson really impressed with his switch to a match up zone. He kept the players involved and his end of game management was first rate. Kudos to Mike, his staff, and mostly to the players. The players looked like he had lost them during that awful losing streak. But he did NOT lose them as they had 2 of their better games this season last week.

If Anderson keeps winning, I would change my mind and embrace him for an unforgettable finish. WPS.

The whole issue with Harris, Gabe and Adrio on the offensive end of the floor our opponents leave them open and double Gafford and it leads too poor offense. Harris needs to improve his shooting. The whole team needs to concentrate on free throw shooting as well. Between Harris, Gabe and Adrio they went 0/14 against Kentucky that’s more like those 3 contribution on offense in xonfeeemxe play.
I’d like to see Adrio and Gabe rebound the ball! That’s what would impress me!