Jalen Harris

Reminder that if you don’t want to wait a year to see him in action, Friday’s Red/White game will be your chance. If history is any indication, I’m assuming he’ll play.

He is.

Looked good in the portion of practice we got to see today

Not wanting to hold your feet to the fire, but generally speaking, how does he compare to Jabril Durham, someone I was highly critical of, but made me eat quite a bit of crow his senior year? Thanks

He is much quicker and more athletic overall than Jabril. Has a tight handle. Maybe hasn’t been as aggressive as I’d prefer in either of the two practices we’ve seen, but has been OK.

Liked his vision when I went back and watched his New Mexico tape and he’s done that at times here. Finished surprisingly well last year despite his lack of strength and has added about 10 pounds since getting to Fayetteville.

His 3-point shot was awful as a freshman, but his free throw and mid-range numbers were good and I wondered if his struggles on longer shots had a little to do with his lack of strength, because his form looked solid. In person, his shot isn’t as clean as it looked on film, kind of a hitch/side sling, but he has made a solid amount in drills.

I think he has a significantly higher upside than Durham because he’s shown the ability to actually be a threat, which is so important, but he’ll have to improve the jumper to really take a big step forward. It’s a shame Lee isn’t on the staff any more. He helped a lot of guys the last few years, most notably tweaking Dusty’s release to make it quicker.

Prediction: He’ll end up as arguably our best point guard since Kareem.

Maybe Fortson, Kareem was the best I ever saw on the Hill; but, he couldn’t hit the barn door with his 3-range when he was a frosh.

Thanks for all the responses. Sounds like we got a player.

Jabril his senior year was really, really good.

But Courtney Fortson remains the best PG since Kareem and he is still getting paid to play.

Lives about two blocks from me when he is in the states.

Fortson is hands-down the best Arkansas point guard since the turn of the century, in my mind. If Harris can come close to that, the staff will be thrilled.

When I posted what I did I confess I was a little torn between Courtney and Kareem. I decided to go with Kareem based at least in part on his longevity.

Fortson is the most talented PG at Arkansas since Kareem, arguably the most talented pure PG ever aside from Mayberry. However, Durham unquestionably had a better year as a senior than either of Fortson’s campaigns. Fortson gave too much of his positive back to the opposition with negatives. His assist rate as a soph was a massive 5.8 minutes per assist but so was his TO rate at 6.5 min per miscue. His shot selection was atrocious that season. His eFG% was barely 40% while taking the most shots on the team by far. By comparison, Durham had an even more massive 4.5 min per assist as a senior but to an outstanding 15 min per TO. He didn’t shoot the ball any more efficiently than Fortson but had the wisdom to stay in his lane by shooting less than half as often.

Fortson, I suspect, wasn’t well coached. I don’t know how open he was to coaching at that age. My guess is that he could have been an All-American if he had spent four years with CMA and been willing to listen to him. He could have been much better than Durham on the court but wasn’t at Arkansas. Pelphrey may need to take the responsibility for that.

He’s going to need this year to mesh with his teammates…like a QB getting his timing with his WR’s.

That will give him 1-2 yrs with Justice shouldering some of the PG responsibilities.