Jalen Harris workout video


I would like to reserve my spot on the Jalen Harris bandwagon right now.

Just hopped on board myself.

Loving what I’m seeing.

Thanks for the video. I’m always happy to see anything related to our basketball team during the offseason. Would I be correct in saying that Harris is a pure point guard and is likely to be a starter when the season begins?

Love Harris but Keyshawn is going to take some minute’s… he’s going to get paid to play this game one day…at what level will depend on his development…

I would imagine if the season began now Harris would be in the starting lineup. Mike is going to need Jalen to be really good.

Comments: Ditto! What I’m hearing on Jalen is consistent with what I’ve just seen he has really improved steady his perimeter shooting. You knew he’s quick, the kind of player that has given the hawgs problems staying in front of in past classes, with a great handle on ball that can make the kind of passes you’ll see the next day on ESPN highlights, yea I’m on board, go hawgs!

Response: based upon what I’ve Heard the answer is yes, a pure PG that is quick, great handle with the ball, a play maker with great passing skills, and it appears he is putting in the works to shore up his perimeter shooting…

I agree from what we are seeing in the video offensively, but what about defensively? Is he the guy that can stay in front of a Waters at LSU?

I like that little sidestep to create separation at the arc. Reminds me a little of Larry Bird, who couldn’t outrun anyone but he’d take that little step-back to create space for his 3-ball and no one could stop it.

Comments: this season I don’t expect anyone will ride the pine, and I’m bullish on Garland this team is so balanced they will play both side of the ball with passion. I guess for me it will be interesting to see if inexperience impacts this team at all if so how long will take to adjust and shake it off

I’m excited for sure. He looks the part!

Response: fair question, I truely believe this team as a whole will play the kind of steady defense that was missing at times last season, especially early in the conference race. jalen has the quickness to stay in front of waters, but the kid from Jonesboro can as well, this team is balanced equipped to play great on both sides of the ball, they all have a good basketball IQ that means to me they will value ball possessions…

I do not disagree with you about this team and how they play. I am very excited. I was kind of looking at the video and thinking of Harden. Harden is very good, and very hard to stay in front of, BUT he likes to play matador defense. He says Olé a lot as other players go past him. I know Sills has a little Corey Beck in him and won’t let Waters beat him. I really hope Jalen can as well.

Response: I hear ya, for me if Jalen can score points in buckets like Harden does, a few matador like defensive posturing I can easy over look, besides you can bet Mike will be pushing defense on the first day of practice