Jalen Harris, Mike Anderson preview Georgia

Jalen Harris

  • On the late-game execution: We have to work on it each day in practice. We were trying to go inside to Dan to see if we could get a quick two. Isaiah then couldn’t get a good shot off, so that’s what happened. The help-side, the guy guarding Keyshawn, I feel like would have stolen the ball had I thrown an entry pass.

  • We have to know who is shooting the ball well and who isn’t. The matchup zone has been effective when we’re communicating.

  • Seeing how the last couple games have gone, we don’t want to have the bad taste in our mouths playing in Bud. We have to keep fighting and playing hard, defending well.

  • UGA has a decent big (Derek Ogbeide + Nicolas Claxton) and a good shooter in Tyree Crump, so we have to be prepared for them. Crump scored 21 points on 6/8 from deep. I saw a little bit of their game against Texas on Saturday before we played. They’re a good team. Been in a lot of close games, and we can’t look past anybody.

Mike Anderson

  • Back in conference play now and I’m impressed with their size and their shooting. Tom Crean has shot an injection of enthusiasm in that program and they’re playing differently.

  • Our defense is really starting to pick it up. Last couple of games we’ve held teams down from the floor in the final minutes. Our guys are starting to really become that unit you have to be to win games and play on the road. You want to be able to put it together on both ends, though.

  • On Tom Crean: I knew him when he was an assistant at Michigan State and at Marquette. His teams play an exciting brand of ball. They’re not going to slow the game down. We have to make shots against a team that has good size. Crean has won everywhere he’s been. He’s got a team that’s going to come at you. Can’t play on our heels.

  • We didn’t execute down the stretch. We wanted a dump down to Dan coming out of the timeout or attack the basket and came out a little short. It’s one of those learning curves. There’s a process you have to go through. They gave themselves a chance to win.

  • You have to learn how to win in late game situations. We had guys last year who could make plays. You have to learn how to compete and learn how to win. There’s a thin line between winning and losing. Ample opportunities at the line, too. There’s a lot of possessions in the game, but you have to make plays. Players have to make plays. I can coach all I want to, but players have to make plays. I think it’s going to pay off later in conference play.

  • Isaiah Joe was under the weather Saturday. I’m going to have to watch him in practice today. He gave everything he had at Tech.

  • On Claxton: He’s a talented guy. He had some big plays for them last year, and now I think he’s a little more skilled. His dad was a 6-11, 7-foot guy when he played.

  • We’re connected defensively and we’re talking on defense. It don’t just happen overnight, but when you get it, it’s a thing of beauty. We’re adjusting as the game goes on. Our man-to-man pressure sped them up and the guys are learning about the nuances of playing uptempo ball and pressure defense.

  • Without a doubt in the last couple of games I feel confident we can get it turned around. I’ve been encouraged by what I’ve seen.