Jalen Harris Dunk!

Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the guy Jalen Harris dunks on in this video looks like Grant Williams from Tennessee? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sg0FrdPgF1g&sns=em

I can see the similarity, and they both are around the same age, so, it’s possible that was him

and they both are from North Carolina I think so it wouldn’t be out of the question if that was Grant lol Jalen is athletic

I liked the crossovers and vision I saw, but that was against HS kids. Don’t know how many in that video played D1ball

yea but I think he’s the closest thing to a true point guard we got so I expect him to start for us this upcoming season unless they move Joe to the one but I really like Jalen’s upside and athletic ability as a point guard it could work for us

No matter what Harris does in college, his highschool/aau highlight tapes are the most entertaining I’ve ever seen of any Hog player. If he just brings half of the ability he showed on those tapes I think he’ll be alright, on those tapes he looks super quick, deceptively athletic, with amazing ball handling and ability to get to the rim.

Jalen Barford is really high on him and I remember Dustin Thomas being in an interview talking about him, said he was the quickest PG he’s ever played with. And he’s played against guards in 2 different P5 conferences.

That Highlight tape definitely made him look like an absolute stud. I agree with you, if he is half as good as he looked, he will make us a lot better

No, I disagreed he would be the starting PG all year. I said I believe game 1 he would be the starting PG, will he be in game 31? Not sure. Looking at the highlight tape, it sure looks like he should be, but looking at his NM season, it doesn’t. That’s something Dudley has also cautioned about.

When it was first announced that Harris was transferring over here, I went and done some research and was reading about him on New Mexico’s message board. The fans were really upset to see him go, it was the equivalent of us being upset about losing Hall. It was an entire thread talking about it and it was by far the longest thread they had discussing anything basketball related at the time.

From what I remember, most felt Harris was going to be a really good player and the coach at the time (he got fired) was holding Harris back and was trying to force him to just be a facilitator and keeping him on a short leash and pulled him from the game anytime he made any little mistake or started taking too many shots. A lot of them was hoping the new coach would be able to hold onto him because he ran a more up-tempo style and they felt like Harris would thrive in it. I don’t think I read a single poster have a bad thing to say about his game, which was surprising because usually fans will point out players flaws when they announce they are leaving.

Also another thing, I remember Jimmy Carter, having some in-depth research on his game showing his +/- and how effective he was when he was on the court. And I believe his numbers for the playing time he got and the pace that they played at was pretty good. CMA is going to give him a lot of freedom next year and he’s actually going to be one of the older guys on the team, I look for him to have a pretty good year and surprise some people. If he’s going to be good, I think CMA’s system is perfect for the way he wants to play.

I agree he may benefit from this style more than any other guard on the team because of his quickness and overall speed I’m high in the kid however I just think Isaiah is a super player hopefully they can form a super back court… I wonder if we will go with three guards next year that way Keyshawn can fight for a starting spot or will we go with a tradition small forward? I think that all depends on how we use this last scholarship for the spring

I’m higher on Harris after the video, but again that was HS, and his stats at NM aren’t jumping off the page. With the loss of CJ, I have zero doubts that Joe will be the #1 SG from the beginning. As for the 3, I think Phillips starts. That 6’7 frame and being able to score at all three levels, above average ball handling, I just don’t see him not winning that spot. I believe that has been the bigger issue than no PG. we have been playing 3 guard lineups Beard - 6’0, Barford - 6’3, Macon - 6’3, year before Barford, Hannahs - 6’3, Watkins - 6’3. In my opinion that third guard has put us at a disadvantage. Phillips and M Jones (listed as 6’5) should remedy that. Now as for Embery and Sills, I think you’ll see them in the rotation. If Garland is cleared I think he will crack the rotation, but the rumor mill doesn’t look promising.

I agree that the third guard needs to be in the 6-6 range, otherwise Kalen Martins and Kevin Knoxes will continue to give us huge matchup problems.

Regarding Harris, I will say it again that if he is not the primary PG all year, I am afraid that we are back to Macon-Barford-Beard situation, which causes dribble, dribble, dribble play that people have been critical about.

Not so sure, we have more than three that can handle the ball, penetrate, and dish. I’m not saying that Harris might not be the best at dishing, but unlike last year, we will have multiple guys that can.

The Harris/Gafford pick & roll should be entertaining next season.


I am excited about Harris at PG especially after this video. I hope he is good enough to hold the starting spot and allow IJ to rotate with him to develop him slowly.

Beyond his ball handling skills I love the edge he shows mentally. We need some attitude at the guard spot to truly run the team and make demands of others and he seems to fit the mold.

Offense was not a problem last year it was a postive so running a three guard line up won’t hinder our progress especially if we lead the league in scoring again… the problem we has last year was that Barford, Macon, and Beard didn’t want to or couldn’t guard a soul for consistent stretches…

Yes Sir!