Jalen Harris committed....


Very happy about this.

Yes, I am happy with this. I like that he sits out a year, practices with the team, learns the system and is ready to rake over the PG position when the big guns of the Hog 5 arrive. And like what I see in the highlights. Plus we will have a 5 year run of Jaylen/Jalen at the point. Welcome Jalen,

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Lobo fans are unhappy. They believe that they lost a good one and that he will thrive in an uptempo style. The hole in his game seems to be arc shooting, but he was good at the line and converted 50% inside the arc. I’m guessing his mechanics are okay. After a year to develop, he could be ready to be an effective two-way player out of the gate.

Yea, I was reading their message boards and seen the same comments you mentioned.

I’m glad he committed, I thought this was the second best option after Weathers. I liked Hardy and Barrett, but getting a guy that already has D1 experience and starting experience is more valuable in the situation the hogs will be in next year losing 6 seniors. Also, love Harris’ athletic ability and ball handling, he’ll do good good in an up-tempo system.

Comments: Congrats, to TJ and the support of our coaching Leadship, As per the various film clips on this young man it definitely appears he is a true PG that is fast/quick with the ability to penetrate the defenses making for an easy assist and baskets. In addition, what I also like is, since Harris will be a redshirt transfer forced to sit out a season will also provide GLASPER with an opportunity to show what he has to contribute to the overall teams success. Great pickup Mike, and welcome aboard Mr. Harris your addition will make the hawgs even better with the expectations of deeper runs in the tourneys

Bouncy, quick, court vision:


His highlights are awesome, he has quite a bit out. Hope sitting out a year allows him to put a little weight on and translate some of the stuff he did in high school to college.

Does this mean Justice will probably stay with the recruiting class of 2019? If so, I like that better than him having to cram 12 months (plus night classes) of academics to get eligible for the 2018 recruiting class. It will also give him another year of AAU ball to continue honing his PG skills. It seems to me that would be good for both Justice and the Hogs.

In the latest interviews with Dr. Hill he was saying the plan was for Justice to enroll in the Spring '19 semester sand have Justice red-shirt that semester then start his eligibility in the Fall of '19. I don’t think Harris or any other recruits would change them doing that considering his eligibility is the same rather he comes in Spring '19 or Fall '19.

He looks like he can get to the rim well and has some spring in his step and jump. Hope he gains weight and improves his 3 ball this next year. 24 percent from three leaves some room for growth

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Watched a lot of his New Mexico film and wrote about him. I like his athleticism, skill level and room for growth.

He needs to learn to put Fayetteville after The University of Arkansas. (where’s the sarcasm emoji?)

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