Jalen Harris attracted to Hogs' style of play

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Would he have to sit out a year?


I like how he plans to approach his visit. Based on what he says, if he is comfortable he will commit. That also means if he does not commit this week, he is not coming. That is good. It won’t be a stretched out drama.

I wouldn’t say all that. I wouldn’t give up if he decides to visit other schools. If I was his dad I would probably suggest a serious look at others.

Since this move is the result of a head coaching change at NM, is there any chance that he could get immediate eligibility? I noticed NM has given releases to all 3 of players in their incoming recruiting class.

Unless there’s something involved that I don;t know about I say no. That’s pretty standard for an incoming class, but not guys on campus.

Good sign if no other visits are scheduled, and recruit is open to the possibility of committing on his visit. RD did he mention if any other schools had offered besides Arkansas?

It was a quick interview and I failed to ask.

When does his visit end? Friday?


comments: I like the way it’s working out for Glasner. Regarding, Harris the red shirt transfer, providing he says yes to the coaching staff, will have to sit our a season giving Glasner a season to compete for his scholarship.

It’s Glasper.

Robert Glasper.

Reply: Oops fat fingered the key good eye, I trust you were trying to be helpful