Jalen Catalon

Jalen was very articulate, wise and mature during his post scrimmage interview. It was my first opportunity to hear him speak at any considerable length. Very impressive. Reminds me of Kevin Evans during the Lou Holtz era. I can easily see him coaching after his playing career. I have been excited and anxious to see him play ever since Clay’s signing day article. Hope he really blows up this season and plays to his full potential.



Sounds like they should be asking about more profound topics than football - spiritual guidance, international affairs…?

A “wise” and “articulate” 19-year-old is quite something.

I, too, was impressed by Catalon’s interview. A very well-spoken young man. Sure hope he stays healthy and comes on strong this year.

Talent plus leadership ability help to forge a winning atmosphere.
We have some serious talent on our defense, now if they can mesh and
stay healthy, we can be a difficult team to beat.

We must, must limit turnovers.

I feel pretty good…at least somewhat good…about the secondary and the d-line. Linebacker worries me alot.

He comes from a great family. He will be a captain at some point in his career. He oozes leadership. The guys he reminds me of is George Wilson.

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I’ve always been impressed with Safety Jalon Catalon of Mansfield Legacy since visiting him at his school last year before the Texas A&M game. He was so mature and showed such good leadership skills when I first talked to him at his school.

This was a post of July of 2018. He’s as solid as they come.

He and Knox both much more poised than I was at that age,… Impressive group of young men gathering on the hill…Bodes well

Well, I have not re-watched the whole game yet like I usually do, but I will say I don’t need to to know than Catalon is a TOTAL STUD. He is already the best safety we have had since Tony Bua and Ken Hamlin.

I do wonder how tall he is. He looked small…but played large and FAST.

He is 5-11.

Aloha Clay,

Dudley wants to know if that is with the cleats or without😎


I was getting ready to say with cleats on, doesn’t matter, he’s a player.

Aloha Ricepig1,

It’s an inside joke among the Basketball/Recruiting Board Members. Dudley would often give the height of a basketball player only to be deluged with requests from Board Members if the player’s stated height was with or without shoes. Just keeping it light.


Oh, I know the joke/issue with shoes on or off! I was sitting in my seat in the NEZ, and I told my son next to me how short he, and a couple others we have. My only complaint all game on him was the end of the first half drive, I wanted him to lay the wood on the middle of the field passes, instead of playing soft and not letting anything behind him. He’d already shown he could do it.

Everyone has said from the word go that he would be a great player. I was disappointed he didn’t get more time last year. The good news is that he’s a redshirt freshman. I would guess he’d be here through his senior season. But that might be the only regret, that he stays four and not five. He lacks a step on speed, but safeties can get by at 4.6 or whatever he is. Don’t think he’s 4.5, but he may be at some point. I still think that knee is getting stronger.

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There was one play where, with minimal motion, he shook a block and made a tackle. Barely broke stride. I thought “whoa.” That sort of agility and ability to lower the hips and deliver a blow hasn’t been around here at safety for awhile.

He may only be a 4.6…but if I recall Ronnie Lott was only a 4.6. I see some similarities. Not tall. Not a burner. SMART. Great anticipation…ability to read. And…will knock you into tomorrow.

Man, he’s gonna be a joy to watch for the next three years.

I understand he’s an elite baseball player too. He gonna try to play baseball?

He was all over the field Saturday, I watched from the NE end zone, not tv, but couldn’t help thinking “is this our next Kam curl?”

He’s young but doesn’t seem to hit like Kennedy. But the year is young :sunglasses:

I don’t know many DB’s who hit as hard as Kenoy Kennedy. He was a vicious hitter.

We have needed a quality safety and defensive leader for a long time. Hopefully, Catalon can fill the bill. I do remember Chad Morris saying he was one of the five best high school players he ever saw.

Which is to say, he’ll be a redshirt freshman again a year from now.,so he may play here 5 years!

Nothing against Kam Curl, but Catalon will be the best safety we have had since Hamlin. And he will be that good sooner than later.

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