Jalen Catalon is a Hog

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2019 … lon-commi/

I have to admit I was worried there for a second; that hat he put on looked pretty dark on my screen (thought it was TCU). :slight_smile:

GREAT pickup for the Razorbacks! Great day for all of Hog Nation.

Was he the other secret commit as widely rumored?

Woo pig!

Thank you for posting RD…loved watching it!!! THRILLED beyond words we got him and it is unreal we pulled a trifecta from the same High School in the same year. These coaches can flat out RECRUIT!!!

glad to have him he’s a great player but somehow I missed he had a season ending injury this yr…is he going to be healthy??

Tore his ACL in the first game of the season. You’re never 100% sure with an ACL but he had Texas, Ohio State and OU on him.


Great News; and we really needed some this January. Congratulations JC; best to you.

Great job CCM and staff.
Welcome aboard Jalen.
Now on to the LB’s.

I’m proud Catlon choose our hogs! Welcome aboard.

Both silent commitments found their voice and yelled woo Pig… fantastic!

Great pickup for the Hogs. Hope he’s well enough to compete in the fall.

Goodness gracious, great balls of fire!
Hope he is as good as his high school coach believes he is. Good pickup by this coaching staff. I can only imagine how good a recruiting class they can put together when we win 5 or 6 and then 7 or 8 games. Building a good team one recruit at a time!!
Thanks Jalen and go Hogs!

man, we need him! we used to be Safety U, but its been too long. JC is the kind of guy to start the trend again!

On an unrelated note, Rivals just dropped him to a 2 star… :shock:


So he wasn’t a silent commit? Says he chose ark over the weekend. Is there a video of him committing?

Found video.

So Rivals drops him to a 2 star but as said on another thread Rivals has us now at 15th from 17th after his announcement.

They may still drop him. He hasn’t dropped yet after being injured early this season in game 1 I think. It would be hard to justify dropping him now but it wouldn’t surprise me. The main thing is he’s a hog!
Build the team one recruiting class at a time. They may win 6 or more next year but to get up to 8 or more wins it will take another good recruiting class.

Yea we need 2 more good classes to get the wins up consistently. Before we get to excited let’s see how many of these perform at SEC level.
We are getting there with the athletes but still need more elite speed.