Jalen Catalon in-home

RD, you were a wildman :o, people need to lighten up. Life is fun, especially for kids.

Back to Jalen, according to 247 composite, he would be the Hogs 4th highest overall rating of the current class.

Exactly. Thats mild from the pranks me and my friends did at that age.

At 16 years old I turned a possum loose on the school bus so I’m not one to judge anyone for pulling a prank. I’ve pulled some stuff in my day. I hope the young man is healthy and able to play next fall. No matter where he decides to play. The hogs can sure use a player like him that’s truly a gamer. Sometimes when lights come on players are faster at that point than against a stop watch or clock.

I remember having to send flowers to a lady at my summer job because she appeared to be upset at a prank. Didn’t want her to tell the boss.

You just don’t think about the consequences sometimes.

internet or cell phones when I was in HS or college, some of the stupid stuff we did could have really affected my current job. Heck, we still do lots of stupid stuff to each other, just have to go WAY out of AR to get really stupid.


I put a rather large Bull Frog in the the bottom drawer of a very unpopular teachers desk, wasn’t in the room when he opened the drawer and saw movement, but I got a detailed blow by blow account. Maybe my best, there were a few. :sunglasses:

Where did you grow up? Just wondering.

BTW, prank phone calls were the most fun. Cell phones eliminated that :slight_smile:

RD…correct me if I am wrong please but Catalon is also a TOP NOTCH baseball player too! I believe you or maybe DD at one time said the has also spoken with DVH about playing baseball too? Playing baseball for the Hogs has to be a huge help! I might be dreaming that but I don’t think CCM would be against it since Noland is and CCM loves dual athletes.

Skunk in a church. Couldn’t walk for a week.

Little Rock. Did a ton of prank calls.

I use to do voices pretty good. I had a bro-in-law call me and tell me call my cousin (his wife’s sister) because she and her husband had their truck stolen. I called and used one of my voices and Johnny picked up and I told him I stole his truck and described what was in the truck and he was convinced I was the thief.

After talking to him for awhile I told him I felt bad because I went to high school with his wife and she always treated me well and because of that I would sell his truck back to him. That obviously didn’t go well. LOL

We talked a good 15-20 minutes and I told ‘Oh, I’ll tell you who I am if you promise not to call the cops’. He said sure so I went from my prank voice to mine and said it’s me Johnny. He was caught totally off guard and he said hold on Richard, I have to go get Debbie because she ran across the street to the neighbors house to call the cops.

The bad thing was she was eight months pregnant. Oh man, did I feel bad then. She could’ve hurt herself or the baby. We laugh about it now.

I’m guessing I was like 21-22 at the time.

Posted a men seeking men ad on Craigslist. Used some random pictures from the internet and put my buddys # on the post. He will never get the memory of the texts and photos he received out of his head. lol


Excellent. I called into a swap-shop radio segment and used my elderly man voice and told’em I was on a fixed income and was looking for yards to mow and gave one of my co-worker’s phone number. He was pissed after getting all these people wanting to get their yards mowed.

Bake your lucky you could walk after a week. I for a 3 day pass from school on my little deal. My grandpa had my rear end working like a dog for those 3 days and he pushed me all day every day.
That was the most miserable 3 days I’ve ever had. We worked growing up but he had another level when you were in trouble.
The craziest thing we ever accomplished was probably turning over an old mans out house on Halloween. We did It every year. From when I was 9 years olds until I was 17. The last time we turned it over he was in it. That’s when he found out who we all were. Need less to say we built him a new out house and all of our folks made us pay for it.

It’s close but…the WINNER.

Back in the day before caller ID, my clever buds and I used to pull all kinds of phone pranks. We would order a bunch of food for delivery at someone’s house and drive over to watch the drama unfold.

The best one I remember was a buddy had a dump truck of gravel delivered to a “friend” and told them he wouldn’t be there and to just dump it in the driveway.

That was the second time I pranked a church. The first time:

My mom used to go down on Saturday and clean the church, so it would be nice and clean on Sunday. Welp, one Saturday we went down there and the preacher was in the attic. Don’t know why, but it got my wheels turning. He came down and went to writing his sermon. However, he left the attic open, I decided it would be funny to have a white sheet right next to the opening and yank it out during the service. Well, I tied some dental floss to it and had it hang down (third pew from the back). I told some of my friends and a cousin that night what I was doing. The next day we get to church and my friends and cousin had the pew all to themselves and I joined in. As if it was God’s will (at least his amusement) during the sermon the preacher banged on the pull pit and said, “Let the spirit come down amongst us.” It DID. Cleared the church, of everyone but me, my cousin, and our friends…and my dad and uncle. How those two knew, til this day I don’t know, but I’m still amazed how many people really didn’t want the spirit to come down amongst them, including our pastor.

Also, had an issue in my neighborhood when I was a kid of people stealing things, out of cars, or off the front porch, put a bobcat in a suitcase, no more stealing. Also, only time my dad didn’t get on to me for a prank.

Went to a Catholic grade school. We went to Mass every Morning. As they marched us in I dropped a live snake on the girl’s side. The nun that was principle whipped my butt then told my parents so they could whip it. Ouch!!!

Now that’s funny.

Just think about how productive we could have been if we would have used our minds in a more positive manner. You must be a hoot!
By the way the spirit ran them out of the church that Sunday morning.