Jalen Catalon in-home

Told it went very well with Mark Smith.

He plans to visit Texas this weekend. As of now, I still feel good about Arkansas landing him.

4.71 forty

31in vertical

5’ 9"


4.71 forty

31in vertical

5’ 9"


I geuss you haven’t watched his tape because he’s a baller. Also I doubt the 40 time is accurate.

Look at his offer list.

That’ll turn that yawn around. You don’t know better than the big boys

They lost, but he was a one man show in the state title game last year. Yawning on him clearly shows you haven’t watched any film on him.

Offer list and I also remember his HS coach saying he believes he’s the best player in Texas this year. I know his own coach would be a little biased but even saying that in Texas would make me believe he’s a serious player. Even if he’s not the very best in the state but maybe in the top 10 he would be better than most we recruit.

You obviously haven’t seen his film.

RD, thought I saw somewhere that he’s actually 5’11". Do you know what the correct height is?

Stood next to him several times. I think 5-10 would be a good guess.

I have seen him in person.

He’s much faster than 4.71.

4-star prospect who announced a final four Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and TCU, but also had offers from Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Ohio State, Penn State, Stanford, Wisconsin and more.

Top 200 player nationally, 15 best safety in the country and top 25 player in Texas.

That’s simply nothing to yawn about.

Feeding the troll again. This guy has the Elmo agenda; he just hasn’t broken any of the rules Elmo did. Yet.

Yawn??? Seriously??? Give me a break!

i really don’t know where they get some of these #'s…player with that kind of offers is too legit to quit,just sayin!

Bias is an individual choice for the most part. Dumbness is
more likely a deeper issue.

What’s the latest on him? I have heard he sent a tweet out saying he had eliminated Arkansas before quickly deleting it this afternoon.

A friend was pranking him. He deleted it.

Jalen would never do anything like that. Too good of a kid.

Smith and possibly cooper doing in-home tomorrow night.

That doesn’t sound like a person I would call a friend. Posting something that could bring unwanted attention his way either for the better or worse is not something a true friend would do…be wary of the company you keep

Thanks, Richard. Appreciate the quick reply!

You’re talking 16-18 year old kids. I’m lucky to be alive with some of the pranks I pulled back then.