Jalen Beeks called up

I heard the end of tonight’s Red Sox game. The announcers were speculating that he might be called up for the Thursday game. They were right.

Boston Red Sox prospect Jalen Beeks to make major-league debut Thursday

Awesome for Jalen! So happy for him.

On a bit of a downer note, was he the pitcher in the K. State regional that threw a wild pitch while attempting to intentionally walk a guy that cost us that game? For some reason that’s the thing I remember most about him. Glad he was able to bounce back from that and have a really good career

That’s too bad if that is what you remember most about him. He was a really good pitcher for Arkansas. In 2013, the year of the K-State regional loss, he was one of the most effective relievers, which is saying something because that team had some great college pitchers. It was the year Arkansas had a 1.89 ERA, the lowest in college baseball is almost 40 years. Beeks also had a really good season in 2014 as a starter. His ERA that year was 1.98 but he had a lot of no-decisions and some close losses because that team did not provide its pitchers good run support and lost a lot of one-run games.

I was told by a scout after Beeks’ rookie league year that he would make it to the big leagues one day, if not with Boston then another team. He was right.

That came across worse than I meant it. I do remember in 2013 and 2014. I remembered he battled some injuries in 2014 and came back towards the end of the seaons and pitched great for us. And as you said Matt, in 2013 he may have been overshadowed by the big 3 that year. I have followed his career closely as I have my Mom’s family in the Mass area. Very happy for him