Jake Bequette on The Portal

Bequette tweeted, “ I look at the NCAA transfer portal similarly to the LIV situation in golf - not ideal, but the inevitable result of market forces being artificially suppressed over a long period of time.”

I know very little about LIV or golf, but he’s probably onto something regarding the portal.

I think it’s probably a huge stretch to call what was going on in the PGA Tour as suppressing market forces. The Tour has a rule that players can’t be paid in advance to appear in a tournament (they get around that by paying players to show up at a pretournament event on behalf of the tournament sponsor). And it’s not like the stars on the PGA Tour aren’t getting stoopid rich without blatant appearance fees. But LIV did definitely raise the ante on what players can make.

Now NIL and the portal are definitely a response to suppressing market forces.

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