Jake Arledge

I was on a business call with a man in southern California last week. He noticed I was from Little Rock & started talking about the Razorbacks. He told me one of his best friends played baseball at the UA and constantly talked about how great it was, the fans, the school, the sports—all of it. I asked him who it was & he told me Jake Arledge. I told him I remembered him well. He asked if I were a coach or something for the team. I told him, no, just a regular fan.

Apparently that confirmed for him what Jake said about the fans. Anyway, we had a nice conversation. He said as soon as we got off the line he’d call Jake to let him know he’d talked to a Razorback. I told him to tell Jake I said, “Woo Pig Sooie.”. Told him Jake would understand.


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