Jags cut BA today

Picked up five guys let go by other teams today, cut Brandon and four other guys to make room.

Steelers dropped Knile Davis yesterday.

Of course there is still time for another team to pick up one of those guys

Morgan cut but signed to practice squad
Hollister cut but hopes to make prac squad
J Wright makes Vikings
Mitch L makes Saints
Herndon and big Dan cut from Dallas
Hatched cut by Raiders but hopes for practice squad
Hocker cut by Bucs

And Bills cut Jonathan Williams.

Collins cut by Seattle.

Alex Collins apparently got signed to the Ravens practice squad. That could work out well.
The Cowboys signed Dan Skipper to the practice squad, which was about the best he could’ve hoped for going into camp.
Cody Hollister made the Patriots practice squad, and his twin brother, the TE, is on their 53 man squad right now.

Jags have four spaces left on their practice squad and don’t have a QB on it yet, so if BA can’t find work some place else, you would have to think they would try to re-sign him as insurance.

i just turned on tv and saw J Sprinkle catch a pass on WASH first seriers vs the Bucs

thats a good thing

Story today from a Jacksonville media source says they’ll probably sign BA to the practice squad after he clears waivers tomorrow.

How much do practice squad players make in 2017-18?

Approx 7,000 per week

Not bad work if you can get it!

Was surprised Jonathan Williams was cut. Hadn’t followed closely, but I’d thought he was in the running to back up McCoy.

He was their #2. I haven’t seen anyone say why they cut him.

The minimum for 2017 is 7,200 a week but teams can pay more. I haven’t been able to find what the maximum they can pay though. I would assume it would be 10k.

An article I found on an Eagles site says there is no maximum salary; teams can pay someone whatever they want to cough up to keep them on the practice squad. The practical limit is that practice squad salaries do count against the team’s salary cap.

Remember, too, that practice squad players are in essence free agents. If the Jags sign BA to the practice squad tomorrow, and Arizona’s backup QB tears up a knee Tuesday (just as an example), Arizona could come sign BA to their 53-man roster immediately.