Jadon Haselwood Highlights

I can see a lot of Backshoulder throws coming his way,they basically used him for possession reciever but I see a very good runner after the catch and very good speed who will be really good in the red zone


That dude is not bothered by contact.


no he is strong!! will be a Great addition for us…

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Man I hate that band for OU.

That and TU…

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If Knox improves we will have two tall receivers to create tremendous mismatches for DBs. And that doesn’t mention TEs and our other WRs. Another year in the system should really pay off. That should go for the defense, too. Add to this year’s success.

Very excited about this kid.

Burks paved the way. I’m excited about the direction of the whole team.

This sounds so basic but you expect the receiver to catch balls thrown to him and not drop them etc. This is highlight film so those are excluded but he catches the ball and has a big radius as well as speed and strength mentioned by others. I can see why he was rated #1 coming out of high school.

Add the Fayetteville prospect with speed and hopeful GA 4* recruit and maybe our passing game just got a whole lot better with those we have in the wings.

Also don’t forget Quincey McAdoo, tall receiver with speed.

Doesn’t matter if a receiver runs a 4.1 if he can’t catch/hold on to the ball.

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