Jadon Haselwood finding his passion for football again

Here is a story (page 6-7) I wrote for this week’s HI on Jadon Haselwood recapturing his passion for football again with the Razorbacks. This includes previously unused quotes from a 1-on-1 with Haselwood this summer:

I can’t read it… Doesn’t open up and look like it’s in the format that we have on here.

I also cannot read it on a mac using chrome. It is asking for a login and password, I used what I use on this board and it did not work. I do not get the print version of the magazine any longer.


I could read it… had to login but it worked fine. Using Edge as my browser…

I use Chrome and could read it. Makes me desire this digital feature for the whole HI magazine, as routine.

Had to log in but was able to read it just fine.

Excellent work Scottie!

I have no clue what my password is bc I never have to enter it… but I’m sure the article was good.


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