Jaden Hill

Was Arkansas recruiting him out of Ashdown? I saw where he committed to LSU as a pitcher yesterday.

Yes: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … hing-coac/

I think the odds of Jaden Hill (Ashdown- LSU) and Kaleb Hill (Watson Chapel- Ole Miss) getting to campus are very low.

Let’s hope our other 2018 stud in state arms (Connor Noland, Evan Hiatt, and Wade Beasley) all make it to Fayetteville.

Something to remember is baseball only has 11.7 scholarships to give out. I’m not saying this is the case but LSU might have offered more scholarship money than Arkansas.

At one time LSU worked it where most of their in-state recruits in baseball got the TOPS state-supported scholarships (similar to Arkansas’ lottery scholarship, although not supported by their lottery), which left more of their 11.7 available to lure out-of-state talent. However, thanks to the financial crunch in Louisiana state government, TOPS now only pays a portion of tuition at state supported colleges. If they have to dip into the 11.7 to get more money to in-state kids, it could affect what they offer kids like Hill.

It sounds, however, like LSU may be competing with MLB as to where Hill pitches next.