Jacorey and the Murfreesboro Middle School

Looked really good tonight. 14 and 10 for JW in the route of Vandy. He seems to have finally grown into the player that many of us thought he could be. I guess the year off and a lot of reflecting on his bad behavior did him a world of good. Good to see old friend Kermit Davis having monster success. He’s come a long ways since the days of being an Aggie fall guy as a 20 something year old head coach. Did I hear the announcers say that Middle has the best RPI in the country?

Per ESPN, they’re number 5 (as of today’s update), but they’ll update their RPI page by midnight, so they could move up or down.

I think Jacorey would have been this kind of player for us as a senior. I always felt that was a big loss for us last year. Feel we had an excellent chance of making the tourney with Jacorey at the 4. That boy is Mr. Energy and Fearless. Always liked his game,

Not playing last year may well have been a blessing for him. He seems to have put a lot of work into his shot. His mechanics are better and he is shooting around 70% from the line. Big improvement from the sub .50 days as a Hog.

He’s playing well, like the old saying the light finally came on and he’s as different as daylight and dark. He showed just flashes when he was us, but had to many distractions, happy to see him helping himself on and off the court. WPS

I am happy to see him rebound from his mistakes, but there was no way he could stay with the domestic abuse issue on top of the other thing.

Yeah he needed a kick in the ass to get to where he is now.

Response- No I beg to differ with you, I’ve shared this before it appears that Jacorey’s wake-up performances are being validated over and over. I have a good friend who’s nephews attended Mike’s basketball summer camp last summer. There were two razorbacks BB players they continuously raved about while attending CMA’s camp. Dusty they claim couldn’t miss shooting the 3ball, and Jacorey who was unstoppable on offense. I said then I would reach out to Mike about Corey but got distracted and later the crap hit the fan regarding the play money gate, finally released from the team for hitting his girlfriend, one two many incidents for him to over come when there were pundits screaming for their heads…

I was talking more about him off the court than in it.

I agree. He would have had a good senior year with us. I don’t think he needed to sit out last year to be as good as he is showing this year.

Comments: yeah all of those close loses would have been victories if Corey was still on the team, and yes they would have made the tournament,. Regardless it’s water under the bridge now.