Jacolby Criswell

may visit Florida on the 27th depending on if Morrilton will start practice that day or not.

I’ve got a feeling he is going elsewhere and we take Chandler.

My son plays center for Morrilton. I don’t have any inside information, but I can tell you that my son says he’s open to any school interested in him just like Jacolby tweeted the other day. I wouldn’t count out the Hogs until he signs with someone else. I’ve watched CCM offenses and Jacolby is in my humble opinion a perfect fit. I’m hoping he stays home, if not though, he’s a hometown kid and I will enjoy the next two years of watching him play each week of the season, then cheer for whoever he signs with unless they play the Hawgs. I will also say that he says he’s going to play baseball again this year. He’s an outstanding baseball player too. Lots of power. Would probably be offered by many schools for that sport too. Players of his caliber do not come through Motown too often. It’s been a pleasure to watch him play.

Right now I believe he will be at Arkansas.

I also don’t think Chandler coming here - if he does - will take away any scholarships or keep anybody away from here.

There are good QBs everywhere