Jacolby Criswell to sign Wednesday at 9:30 am with


Gotta figure it is North Carolina seeing as how his Twitter profile picture is him in a North Carolina uniform.

Here’s his tweet:

I will be signing at 9:30am on Wednesday in the the Morrilton High School cafeteria. Anyone is welcomed! I will also be enrolling early. ( Any photographer is welcomed to take pictures ).

Good luck with finding a photographer Jacolby

Jacolby is a hero in his community and a great young man with a ton of class.

If he was at Fayetteville High, I would be dropping by just because of the young man he is.

Not coming to Arkansas doesn’t change that one bit.

I am sure there will be plenty of people willing to take his picture.


Best wishes to the young man ……

The ADG will have one there.

Good. And not because I think he will be flipping to Arkansas, because i don’t.

Leaving your home state to go to North Carolina to play football at a basketball crazy school and state when you have an excellent chance to play early for the Razorbacks would be a strange decision if it weren’t for the fact the young guy wasn’t really recruited by Arkansas.

Why was he not heavily recruited by us anyway, even if Chandler Morris was coming here?

This is all on Morris - hard situation for Sam given no OC is on board.

Because CM decided we only needed one four-star QB and he was sleeping with that one’s mom. We didn’t and don’t need a class full of QBs, not with so many other needs on our roster. Which would have been fine. Chandler will make somebody a good QB. But now we probably don’t get either one.

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And yet, we will continue our ascent from the ashes.

Yup. But the QB to lead that ascent won’t be Criswell or Chandler.

The ascent is the important part of this story.

And now we are dangerously thin at the most important position in football. Well if the transfer portal doesn’t work out, there’s always the frat houses and the band. We’ve gone those routs before.

His coaches are pushing him to UNC hard as well. A lot working against us. Oh well.

His HS coaches ? If so, why?

I don’t think they are pushing him to NC.

As his head coach Cody McNabb said, he is comfortable with his options and going to North Carolina.

Unfortunate situation to be in, with his ‘dream school.’ But he was still given the chance to be a Hog, and he’s ultimately turning down that chance.

But the former coach of that “dream” team turned him down first and allowed North Carolina to get in there and take him.

It was just a product of the situation.

Wish him the best. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

I see this as a textbook example of how much establishing relationships in recruiting matters.