Jacolby Criswell on Pittman

“He’s a great recruiter. he’ll check some boxes that Arkansas does not have checked right now. From what I hear he was a good coach at Arkansas when he was there. Looking forward to having a conversation with him.”


He was already recruiting him for UGA over a year ago

Good first move, Coach

I see he’s taking his official this weekend at UNC. Have to think that’s not great for us, being a few days before signing day

Expecting Sam to reach out very soon.

It appears Pittman will make a in-home tomorrow night.

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Good oppurtunity for Jacolby at Arkansas. There is no QB on the hill who stands out as the obvious starter going into next season.

I figure there are two ahead of him come Spring.

He will be the starter by game 4…

Baloney. People were saying that a year ago about Jefferson, He wasn’t ready (and knew it) and proved it when he finally had to start at the end of the season. Criswell is probably a little better prospect than KJ was but he’s not Jalen Hurts or Tua.

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I had the same thought, Swine.

Is he a mid-term grad?

I was just wondering the same thing

May very well be baloney, but I believe he is better passer than anyone we have on campus and he can run when he needs to.

No he is not Tua or Jalen, but somewhere in between what we have and Tua/Jalen…

Clint S says he has a very good arm and has raved about him for the past year or so. He does not do that for every qb he works with.


Maybe so, but Clint didn’t work with KJ so we’re not getting direct comparison there.

Criswell’s arm strength is elite.

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I just hope we land him and we will see what happens. He and KJ will go at it and that can only help the whole group. With a good QB coach, we may even see Starkel again get on track.

It’s essential that we keep Arkansas kids. It really bothers me that we have so many committed to schools like NC & OM. I can understand Bama or Ahia St, but Ole Miss & UNC?

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For some reason there were several ACC schools after Criswell which made me wonder if he has family over here somewhere. We get recruits who live elsewhere with family in Arkansas, as you may recall.