Jacolby Criswell now in portal

Richard, odds of him coming back to Arkansas?

No inside info, but I would think the odds went way down when KJ announced he was coming back.?

Very close connected to Criswell folks saying he’s a fine deal to the Hogs.


How many years he got left…get confused with covid but cant be more than one…???..Hoping for 2…

he has 3 years logged at UNC, but one was a redshirt, Could have 3 but certainly has at least 2.

Is it true that he and Dre Greenlaw are brothers?

Half brothers.

A little surprised after KJ’s announcement, but sure am happy that he’s still interested in coming here.

Does he have to sit out a year anyway?

No. He hasn’t transferred so he gets the one year waiver.

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