Jacolby Criswell is still running today

242 rushing yards. Geez.

My nephew played against him last night. He had also played against Hatcher and a couple others hs qb’s playing college. He said criswell was real deal and unbelievable. Says guy is nfl quality

Maybe the new guy will offer him. His Twitter comments indicated he would be open to that.

We can only hope so! We need some good news.

I hear he is taller than 5’10 and weighs more than 172 pounds. Is also said to have big time arm talent. Clint Stoerner said that. Can’t imagine why an instate guy like that wouldn’t be our #1 QB recruit.

He wasn’t our #1 instate recruit because we offered the coaches son instead.
I would assume Coach Lunney would ensure we go after him whoever the new HC is.

Yes, I hope we can offer and get this terrific home grown talent that has wanted to be a Razorback all along.

Go Hogs!

I was under the impression that he always had an offer from us. Is this not so?

He did but wasn’t commitable.

Chandler and Jacolby are high DI prospects. Arkansas was only taking one QB and they chose Chandler.

I would’ve taken both. I said that when Morris was the coach.

RD, you know how much I like Criswell, I’ve been hoping that whoever is our next coach can convince him to come to the hill. These homegrown kids, ala Madre Hill, are just so fun to watch as hogs, in the NFL and how they succeed later in life. I just believe that Criswell is going to be like Madre-successful at all 3 of those areas.


I think he’ll be a Hog if the new coach offers.

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That would be great for the program as I have been in record as what a quality and class kid he is - besides his obvious talent.

He seems to really love NC, felt wanted and loved there.

It will, of course, be interesting to watch this all play out