Jacobs finds a new home in the Arkansas secondary (Story)

Great job… if he can stay healthy and he has a chance to really help us, he is extremely physical you can tell he’s really put some time in the weight room.I was very happy when we got him, I think he can start right away

A sad commentary on past coaching staffs that one of Arkansas’ best player in the secondary - if not the best - transfers in from Arkansas State.

his interview tuesday pm was great-so much energy! The Morning Rush wednesday am had a guy on from the Reese’s senior bowl (i think), he had been a scout with seattle and new england and the chiefs for years. he was speaking very well of cunningham and gerald, and mentioned that he wanted to see more film of Jacobs-“i mean he’s so athletic, he has so much speed, that is obvious on tape”.

Trying to talk myself out of expecting 4 wins t his year. I do this every year, then end up like Charlie Brown when Lucy pulls the football back…


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