Jacob Kostyshock


Such perfect timing with us on the road these next two weeks :shock: . Hope he gets back soon because we are going to be in bad shape if we lose him.

Van Horn said today that Kostyshock would miss the Auburn series. He did not say whether or not Kostyshock will be available for Vanderbilt, but the general sense on something like this is that you don’t want to rush a pitcher back. Kostyshock being healthy for the postseason will be more valuable than him being ready for the Vanderbilt series in the middle of the year.

totally agree,we have to have him ready for postseason,our starters are just going to have to get the job done so we don’t need to use as many arms.

Generally, Van Horn figures it out. He’ll use less arms as the season goes on, typically. You will get your chance in midweek games, but only the guys who can throw strikes get to pitch on the weekend. If and when you show you can throw strikes, you’ll get another weekend chance. You can go back through the years and that’s always been his MO after about the third SEC weekend. That’s where we are now.

SEC hitters will work the count and make you throw strikes. And, you need to do it to start at bats when a take is the most common approach, especially if you have some walks on the stat sheet coming in. Isaiah Campbell will get some swings and misses early in counts, because he isn’t walking batters now. And, Matt Cronin gets that, too. He’s a strike thrower and you pretty much know it’s going to be a fast ball, then another and another. He’s used the breaker in his second appearance on weekends, but it’s not there on Friday nights.