Jacob Burton

I didn’t learn about this until today. Jacob Burton’s ejection yesterday carried an automatic four-game suspension. I’m not sure how much he would have pitched against Western Illinois, but those are the type of games where freshmen typically get good work.

That’s was completely a horrible ejection by that home plate umpire. Is there an appeal that can be done?

I agree Army. I thought DVH was going to get tossed arguing that dumb ejection. Bam the youngster was hit and boom ejected.

But mainly I’m glad the Tech kid is okay.

LD I don’t ever want to see any kid get hurt! It just stinks that the umpire tossed Burton and now the kid has to sit out 4 games. Is there a suspension on these umpires who make abvious bad calls!
His ball/strike calls were inconsistent. The 3B umpire Friday night messed up! Who holds them accountability for their performance?
It’s the same way in basketball poor bias officiating is running rampant in hoops! In football there’s ref’s cussing players.
The job is tough and they will make mistakes but they need to use some judgement and at least ask the other umpires on the field before throwing a player out of a game! They use replay in basketball and football to confirm throwing players out why. It baseball.

La Tech crowded the plate on each of Burton’s pitches, making it challenging for Burton to throw inside strikes. (I’ve noted that a few of our freshmen are having problems pitching inside when the plate is being hovered over by the batter.)

But, it’s never good to hit a batter with the immediate next pitch after a three run blast, especially square on the helmet.

Looked like a logical ejection to me.

I don’t know if Arkansas technically appealed it, but Dave Van Horn said today he made a call to the conference office and the suspension is going to stand. Burton won’t be available until Saturday’s game.

Van Horn was a little - maybe more than a little - peeved that the umpire reacted the way he did. He said something along the lines of what I thought the other day, that the umpire’s reaction to the pitch might have incited things from the Louisiana Tech dugout. He would much rather have seen a warning there, obviously.

I thought DVH was going to get tossed too. The ump gave him a lot of leeway. Prob because he was right. And the ump should have ejected LT players for leaving the dugout.

Glad it was not a first line pitcher. And glad no injuries.

A coach has to know when is the right time to get ejected, because you only get before you have to serve a suspension. The ninth inning of a game against Louisiana Tech that you’re probably not going to win isn’t the time to get tossed.

You made a valid point there. That game was history! Wind aided fly balls that left the yard.

I was annoyed Burton got tossed because it was pretty obvious he didn’t intend to hit him. However, now that I know it carries a 4 game suspension I’ve gone from annoyed to really pissed. That ejection was really unwarranted. And it was a sudden immediate call by the ump. He tossed the kid before the ball hit the ground.

The whole deal centered around the ump’s background. He was a long-time minor league ump. He has seen pro players send those messages with balls buzzing near heads, as told to do it by his coaches or catcher. They don’t do that in college. College coaches can lose their job for that kind of stuff, as Van Horn told me today.

What happened Saturday with control issues was very much about the wind. I asked Van Horn about that today. I have always been told by pitching coaches that windy days with the flags blowing out are more than just good days to hit home runs. They are also days when pitchers have a tough time with their balance and release points. Strong wind in your face alters where your front foot lands and then your release point is going to be off, sometimes for the day. And, you lose the ball to your pitching hand side.

It’s the same kind of stuff I’ve heard from golf instructors who have had to re-figure stance and balance issues for top golfers (on the PGA Tour, or college) because the wind kind of encourages you to widen your stance for balance. Really, you don’t want to widen stance because it causes you to sway a little bit.

Yeah, this is technical stuff that’s boring, but it’s the kind of information I like to ask about.